2020 The Plan

WIP.   Dems need a list of achievable goals with deadlines.  i started thinking about this and the ideas started flooding in.   please Comment below, on this blog, about the ones you are for or against.  and, add yours.  / This is feeling more like a Platform! meant to list a handful of the most important … Continue reading 2020 The Plan


Predictions. GOP/fox make Individual1 the fall guy.

Seeing some cracks on tv.  Early indications that his top backers realized that potus45 is done.  By top backers, I mean foxy freaks, CONservatives, and others.  The Facts of Russian Collusion that dropped Friday, dec 7 2018, are causing havoc behind the scenes. Even cult45 members are just starting to doubt their orange god.    … Continue reading Predictions. GOP/fox make Individual1 the fall guy.

Exclusive. part 2. Dissecting Comey Interview

page 28 +. was planning to rush through more of it, but too much good stuff.    there are some funny and unbelievable things in it, but it's really minor news.  especially, compared to the cohen stuff that dropped dec7.   pages 28-43. this all comes from https://judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Comey-interview-12-7-18_Redacted.pdf Mr. Gowdy. What is the difference between collusion and … Continue reading Exclusive. part 2. Dissecting Comey Interview

New Names

WIP  dec 13 2018repug, republiCON, republiCANT, republiKKKan, republiKlan  (republican) Glop, gLop, Grand Old People  (GOP)lindsey grahamcracker, lindsey flipflopper (gop a$$hat) kock brothers, smock brothers  (koch brothers. pronounced coke.) iwanka, i wanna (ivana)sarah suck a bee (huckabee)  what a faker (whitaker) Farting Orange Xenophobia,  Flatulating Obnoxious Xeros, Foxes & Freaks, For Old Xwhitepeople , Featured On Xenon, … Continue reading New Names

Exclusive. Dissecting Comey Interview

First 27 pages dissected.  Total of 235.  This might take a while.  The quoted stuff is copy/pasted from the actual document, with my comments below each.  Still haven't figured out an easy way to uncrunch stuff, so excuse that, please.  Also, i intentionally don't capitalize a lot of stuff.  My style.  Kinda an ee cummings … Continue reading Exclusive. Dissecting Comey Interview

‘No Jail’ Deal for tRump?

Just speculating.  What if don the con is offered a deal that includes him resigning as potus45 in exchange for no jail time for him and his weird offspring?  He is not a good negotiator.  Bet he would take a deal to save himself, even if it meant throwing his kids under the jail.   One … Continue reading ‘No Jail’ Deal for tRump?

Manafart Memo is Minor News

Just finished reading the manafort memo.  IMO, it is minor news.  They are saying that he agreed to cooperate and then did not.  They listed multiple instances of manafart breaking the cooperation agreement.   I'm happy, because I came up with another New Name and get to use it!  It was a typo, but I'll take … Continue reading Manafart Memo is Minor News